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Give it some welly 2

March 11, 2009

My first emotional welly post disappeared but the upshot is I’m doing some more edits on my book. If you want book launches, you er…have to finish one first. 🙂 So I’m piling in even more emotional punch, more drama and more tension. I’m exhausted already.

Update: I’ve also turned to Self Editing for Fiction Writers. I should know all of this stuff already – I do know all this stuff already so why haven’t I used it on the first (and second) draft? Because I need to be reminded to show not tell in every single word and line. Fantastic book. I’m editing the final crucial ,whizz bang, ASAD scene. I keep closing my eyes, really trying to feel what the characters are feeling and the punchiest, gutsiest way of showing it. I’ll let you know if it works!

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  1. liz Says:

    Good luck – it will be worth it!

  2. Nell Dixon Says:

    You can do it!

  3. Phillipa Says:

    I hope so!

  4. Julie Cohen Says:

    I love Self-Editing for Fiction Writers. It’s a great book. Your hard work will be rewarded with a truly gut-wrenching scene! Hooray!

  5. Sally Lawton Says:

    Good luck with it Phillipa xx

  6. Phillipa Says:

    Julie – it is a grea book BUT i will say that two of my favourtite, SUnday Times best selling chick lit writers definitely don’t follow the dialogue rules… I think I’ll trust them. the tricky thing is picking out the tips you need to, and still keeping your voice.

  7. Sally Lawton Says:

    I’ve just launched a new blog called: Woo-Hoo You!
    It’s to provide support for creative people – it’s going to be full of interviews, info and reviews. It’s just launched today and It Should Have Been Me is the very first book review!



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