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BBC, RNA Conference and packing

July 9, 2009

BBC Staffordshire have done a piece about Decent Exposure and 12 Men of Christmas on their site. 🙂

The awesome new RNA Blog will be posting updates, news and Tweets from the Romantic Novelists Association Conference.

Penrith won’t know what’s hit it! I keep picturing scenes line those from Withnail & I,

“We want the finest wines available to humanity and we want them now!”

Now, I must do some packing…

UPDATE: Very sorry – I have given the wrong impression with my hastily scrwaled post – I’m not going to penrith – sadly, as I’m dying to meet up with everyone – but I’m going to Canada to visit the set of 12 Men. 🙂

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  1. Moira Says:

    I’m supposed to be speaking between 2 and 3 on Saturday. I’ve currently written 1,700 words of the necessary 8,000 needed to fill 40 minutes (if I speak v-e-r-y—s-l-o-w-l-y …). You might like to bring a good book with you, or your knitting, or something …

  2. Lorraine Powell Says:

    I hope you have great fun at the conference. I’ll be picturing you all, chatting, reading, maybe a little civilised drinking! I’ll be checking for updates so I don’t feel like I’m missing out!

  3. Lorraine Powell Says:

    Oh and can’t wait to see the shoe picuures that have been promised!

  4. Lorraine Powell Says:

    Well Phillipa that’s as, if not more exciting! WOW! I am so excited for you, I can only imagine,it must almost feel like that first acceptance of the novel!
    Can’t wait to read your blog post Canada!

  5. Debs Says:

    Sooooo jealous of you going to the set in Canada. I need to hear all about it as soon as you get back. Have a brilliant time, and take photos if you are allowed to. X

  6. Moira Says:

    Well REELY – fancy going off to Canada instead of coming to listen to ME!

    Have a great time! :0)

  7. Nell Dixon Says:

    Have a fab time in Canada, I’ll raise a glass to you in Penrith and we’ll have a coffee and cake day when you get back!

  8. Phillipa Says:

    I am so sorry to miss you all – things have been REELY weird this year – and they still are. The film has been the mkost unexpected light among the gloom – and what a light so I’m going to wring every last drop of enjoyment out of it.

    Moira – we will meet very soon. Hope to come up to Lakes in october for a week.

    Nell – August cakes and coffee. Oh yes.

    To everyone posting and visiting and following the journey. Forgive me for the indulgence. This is the most exciting thing, career wise, ever to happen to me!

  9. Phillipa Says:

    Lori and Debs: I will post pics if I can. I do wish they’d announce ‘Will’ – probably will happen while I;m away. i ams just waiting to see if, when a romance writer comes face to face with her hero, she goes into some kind of anti-matter vaporisation alternate reality and is never heard of again…

  10. Ellenrhian Says:

    What exciting news.Have a wonderful time in Canada

  11. Maddie Moon Says:

    That’s so exciting, Phillipa, and I like the way you just drop it in as a postscript! Have a wonderful time. Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  12. liz Says:

    Gosh that a tough call – us or twelve men – hmmmmm. How long did the decision take – o sec!

    We missed you and you are quite right about the wine bit!

  13. Moira Says:

    Brother was she right about the wine bit … Sheesh.

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