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Bad news, good reviews

November 28, 2010

Well, I never thought I’d be posting this but such is life. We had a lovely day out in snowy Wales yesterday, enjoying a Luxury Afternoon Tea courtesy of my best friend, Jan. We visited the Red Kite feeding centre at Rhyader and saw the amazing sight of hundreds of magnificent birds of prey being fed by the RSPB. Then it was next door for a glorious tea of sandwiches, cakes and scones.

Back through the glittering, icy and stunning hills of Mid Wales to home – to find our house had been ransacked and burgled from top to bottom. This is the second time this year; in May they got in while we were asleep and stole a car and laptops. This time they took some items of great sentimental value, that can’t be replaced. 🙁

We’ve just been tidying up the mess.

Naturally I hadn’t a chance or inclination to go on the web but when I did, I found two absolutely lovely reviews of Dating Mr December. It was almost as if the reviewers knew I needed a bit of a boost this morning.

So I’m going to share them and shout about them loud. I hope that’s okay…

First of all, Fresh Fiction selected Dating Mr December as a Fresh Pick and then I saw this top-rated review from BookHounds.


There is such a desolate wasteland for a good Chick Lit book this time of the year, that the timing on this release couldn’t have been better. I didn’t realize that this book was the inspiration for a Lifetime movie (The Twelve Men of Christmas) until I started to write this review. I kept thinking that this story would make an excellent movie and some one beat me to it! Now, I will have to go track down a copy. It stars Kristin Chenoweth as EJ (Emma) and is set in NYC, but I think the main plot points are all there from the description I read on line.

Emma is out of sorts after her boyfriend betrays her and her boss fires her. She moves out of London to the rural Lake District in England for a new position as a public relations consultant for the tourism board in the middle of nowhere. The local area has a mountain rescue team that desperately needs a new base camp and Emma decides that the volunteers would make excellent calendar subjects for a fund raiser. Will Tennent, a member of the rescue team is set against this idea, but finally caves in and goes along. Of course, Will is gruff, unfriendly and set in his ways, but comes around to Emma in more ways than one.

There is wonderful quick and smart dialog, some well placed action and it was a quick read for me. If you like Sophie Kinsella, Jill Mansell, or Hester Brown, you will love this author as well.

Finally, 12 Men of Christmas, is airing on Lifetime today. If you read the book and saw the movie, please comment here or drop me an email and let me know what you thought of the adaptation and the book.

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  1. Jenny Haddon Says:

    Review has it spot on. Great fun and a touching love story. If you hadn’t written it, I’d be recommending it as a take-you-out-of-yourself treat post burglary.

  2. Nell Dixon Says:

    Oh no, hugs on the burglary. That’s awful, absolutely awful.

  3. Phillipa Says:

    Jenmy -thanks and luckily I have a nice little romantic TBR pile to read at the mo. 🙂

    Nell – thanks for the hugs

  4. Rachel Lyndhurst Says:

    Dear Phillipa. I can only imagine how upset you must be about being burgled and having such personal things taken. They must be awful, disgusting people to have done something like this.

    Sending mega hugs and love,


  5. Jude Says:

    Hugs Pip. How awful for you. I have been burgled and know how it feels when someone goes through your personal stuff (yuk). So sorry you’ve lost sentimental things. Great big hugs and take care of you. jx

  6. Rosy Thornton Says:

    Great review! But so sorry about the burglary.

    R xx

  7. Bernadette Says:

    Really sorry to hear about the burglary. Having been there – fortunately a long time ago and in a more minor way – I know how emotionally devastating it is, quite apart from anything that is taken. I hope you have plenty of support and remember to be kind to yourself.

  8. Phillipa Says:

    Thnak you everyone for the support and hugs.

  9. liz Says:

    Huge hugs and then some more.


  10. Diana Horner Says:

    So sorry to hear about break in – 2nd one! Very upsetting,hope they catch the buggers,but no consolation really.

    Love the look of the book, is just what I was looking for as a distraction, before the madness 🙂

  11. Phillipa Says:

    Liz – thanks, lovely.

    Diana – insurance haven’t even been yet, sadly – it’s as if we don’t exist. Hope you enjoy the book.

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