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So what DID happen at the end of Sherlock?

January 16, 2012

Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch), Molly (Louise Brealey) and Dr John Watson (Martin Freeman). Photograph: Colin Hutton/BBC/Hartswood Films/Colin Hutton

If you saw the final episode of Sherlock last night, you may be wondering what on earth happened?

The show was an outstanding end to a brilliant series.

Having speculated on Twitter about the ending, I’ve come across two ingenious theories – one of which is HERE. All works well with this one except for a slight mention of a dragon… :)

Another from ‘spaghetti’ is in the Guardian thread HERE.

Sorry if you don’t want a spoiler but I feel it’s impossible for 8 million viewers to all keep quiet about a show – especially when they want to share the fun with others. Also the original source material for the show was written in 1893..

So if you don’t want to know what happened, please don’t look!


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  1. Rosy Thornton Says:

    From that distance, down below, Watson can’t be sure the figure on the roof he thinks he’s speaking to is Sherlock – it’s actually someone else Sherlock has put to stand there. The body he sees fall is a dummy – or maybe Mariarty’s body?. By the time he recovers from the bicycle crash and gets through the throng to view the body, there has been time for Sherlock to move the dummy (or Moriarty’s body?) and lie face down on the pavement in a patch of fake blood (or Moriarty’s blood?)

    Or something like that, anyway. Though won’t they want Moriarty also not to be dead? But that gunshot suicide on the roof looked pretty damn convincing, witnessed at close range by Sherlock…

  2. Phillipa Says:

    Completely ingenious, Rosy. Think I am going to re watch the end and see if I work it out. Yes, it looks like Moriarty is really dead and I think they might want to bring in a new villain. The main problem is that Watson is so devastated and what will happen when he finds out that Sherlock has had to trick him?

  3. Rosy Thornton Says:

    Oh, Watson’s like a pet labrador – seems to forgive Sherlock everything and retain total faith. He was certainly doing so all through Sunday’s episode!

  4. Stevie Carroll Says:

    Not sure how Sherlock did it, but I’m happily sticking to my theory that Jim was never the real Moriarty: she is still behind the scenes and will set up a new fake Morarty (or take over the role herself) next series.

  5. Phillipa Says:

    I hadn’t thought that Jim wasn’t the real Moriarty or that The Real One is a woman. Cunning…

  6. chris Says:

    my thought, is that when moriarty kidnapped the children he was wearing a mask of shelocks face, remember how they screamed when sherlock came in to see them. On the roof after moriarty shoots himself sherlock needs to get the assassins of the trail, by killing himself. However, you dont actually see sherlock throw himself off the roof. I think he has put the mask on the dead moriarty, and the man on the bike was set up to knock over watson so he wouldnt see who actually went off the roof, therefore leaving sherlock chance to throw the be-masked already dead moriarty off the roof, thus leaving sherlock to escape.

  7. Phillipa Says:

    Ingenious, Chris – and I’m sure you’re right that the mask is significant.

  8. sue Says:

    I agree with chris, that a mask of Sherlock was used. I thought of a mask as soon as that little girl screamed at Sherlock. Bit silly of Moriaty to keep it on him though…. I do hope there’s more to come.

  9. Vic Says:

    The thing is that this answer seems so obvious. The writer of the show has said himself that there is a hidden clue in the last episode that nobody seems to be picking up on. Clearly if something comes across as obviously out of place it isn’t going to be very significant. One thing is clear though. It WAS Sherlock who jumped off of the roof. His legs and arms were flailing, not the act of a dead body OR a dummy. I’m sure that Molly’s in on it somehow but I think that there is something very important that is missing… I just can’t put my finger on it.

  10. Vic Says:

    If I had to make any surmise as to how Sherlock managed to pull it off rather than assume that it was a dummy or Moriarty I would assume thus: Sherlock realized that Moriarty wanted him dead and that it would be his primary goal when they met. Sherlock decided where they were meeting and made provisions. Note that there was a rather large rubbish truck parked right outside of the building that Sherlock jumped off of. One scenario that could have happened is that he jumped off of the building into the truck which was filled with cushiony bags of refuse. He quickly rolled out and onto the pavement before Watson could discern what was happening (recall that he was hit by a cyclist (ie: distraction set-up by Holmes)). Of course the pedestrians would of had to have been in on it as well as the medics, which theoretically between his homeless contacts and his brother Mycroft’s pull could have happened. While Watson did take his pulse afterwards he was traumatized, had just hit his head and was in no fit state to be giving medical advise. Also Holmes could have ingested some sort of drug (procured possibly from Molly) which could have slowed his heart and helped him to appear dead.
    This is just one possibility, but there is still something nagging me. There are so many people involved in any plot I come up with. If I were Holmes and were faking my own death I would want to involve as few people as possible. Also, in my opinion it seems out of character for Sherlock to have fallen for Moriarty’s binary code plot. I’d have thought he was too clever for that, though it doesn’t seem to bother anyone else. But I feel as though he was bluffing Moriarty which brings into question as to why he met with him at all.

  11. Jonathan Says:

    I think Moriati was set to fall.down. Then when he makes impact towards the ground is when Sherlock comes in. John is pushed down and the gun men think its Sherlock that fell down. Then Sherlock replaces moriari’s body with his and Molly comes in with the crowd. I think Molly uses fake blood and a shock drug to make it realistic. I also think the crowd play a big part in this to convince the gunmen and John.

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