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Got any crystal balls?

March 2, 2012

Yikes – is it Friday again – and spring already? So where did January and February go?

I’ve managed to get some work done despite the ahem, ‘social networking’ over the past month and let’s just say, it’s been a rollercoaster ride at times since Christmas.

The next few weeks are certainly going to be very interesting…

I’ve also got quite a bit planned, both work and pleasure. The Coffee Crew – Nell Dixon, Elizabeth Hanbury and me – are meeting on Monday ina new location and the air will be humming with our gossip, sorry, writing news.

I’m off to London the week after next to a special lunch and talk from the great crime writer, PD James, I will be a fangirl, clutching my hardback of Death at Pemberley, to be signed by Baroness James.

After that, we’ll be visiting Ms Bennet for Mother’s Day 🙂 and soon after that, it’s the Big Anniversary for Mr B and me. I’ve got something planned for The Day that he doesn’t know about. As he rarely ever has time to read my blog (thank goodness) he won’t find out.

Other than that, who knows what might happen? Have you ever wished you had a crystal ball – or is it better not to know what’s in store?

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