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Snow, snow, quick, quick snow…

January 21, 2013

My garden at sunrise

My garden at sunrise

I’m looking out of my window over fields covered in 6 inches of snow. That might not sound much to those of you in Northern climes but here? It’s enough to bring the world grinding to a halt. If I can make it to the end of our road, I should be OK on the main routes as I *have* to get out today.

Wish me luck!

On the upside, did you know we now have 51 more minutes of daylight today than on Dec 21st? No.. well, I cling to this geeky site when the long gloomy nights get too much for me.

None of this is any help, if you’re sweltering in an Australian summer, is it? Stay safe, if you’re caught up in the heatwaves down under.

The snow has helped me keep my bum in my chair and hands glued to the keyboard. As a result, the first draft of Project X (hopefully to be published in October 2013) is done and being ruthlessly edited.

The proofs for my June 2013 romance, It Happened One Night, have also arrived – very exciting as it’s the first time I get to see my book, looking like a book (just to confuse you, the proofs are hard copies but this going to be an e book.)

So, it’s back to the editing for now before I start digging my way out of the snow. 🙂

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