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Fever Cure launch #5 Christina Phillips

July 21, 2011

You thought I’d finished launching Fever Cure and featuring hot doctors? Nahhh…

But I have taken a couple of days break. I had so much work to catch up on and I also felt I’d hit a brick wall, energy wise: I blame it on all those late nights in the Samhain Cafe, Facebook etc

But I did have some fun news: I heard from my UK publisher to say that Wish You Were Here is going to be published in, wait for it, Bulgarian, in 2012.

Yesterday, I had lunch with writer, Chris Harding, and we spent ages eating cake and talking about poetry; Keats, Wordsworth, Tennyson, all the old fashioned stuff.

If you want to order Fever Cure direct from Samhain, click HERE – it’s available for just about any e reader and app you can think of – or you can get it from Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble or anywhere online. Thank you for ordering, it’s made the Samhain best sellers for the past week. 🙂

Today’s doctor

Now for today’s guest, Christina Phillips, who writes sizzlingly hot historical novels for Berkeley Heat.

Christina has always loved writing, and says that while her efforts in eighth grade usually involved space ships, time travel and unfortunate endings, as soon as she discovered romance novels a whole new world opened up. She now writes ancient historical romances about strong Druid heroines and gorgeous Roman warrior heroes who, no matter how torturous the journey, are guaranteed their happily-ever-after. Christina was born in the United Kingdom, but now lives in sunny Western Australia with her real-life hero and their three children.

Thank you Phillipa for inviting me to your blog party to launch Fever Cure! Congratulations! I can’t wait to read it. Blue blood, hot doctor, what’s not to love? And speaking of hot doctors I’d like to nominate Daniel Craig who played Dr Ben Driscoll in The Invasion. While the movie didn’t blow my socks off it’s never a hardship watching the divine Daniel. I could drown in his beautiful blue eyes! Unfortunately I couldn’t find a great pic of him as the doc, so to compensate I’ve also sneaked in a rather gorgeous one of him emerging from the waves. I don’t know about you but looking at that photo always makes me feel a lot better!!!

Christina’s Website

Now, I have something big tolook forward to next week; if I’m very lucky, I’ll be finally getting a Kindle for my birthday…

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  1. Rachael Johns Says:

    You know I have soooooooo behind in tv/films so I haven’t seen The Invasion but you are right about Daniel Craig.

    And congrats Phillipa – I think I’m late to the party – but your book looks HOT! Another MUST add to my towering TBR pile 🙂

  2. Rachel Lyndhurst Says:

    Eeek! I haven’t seen The Invasion either! Delicious Daniel – such a tonic!

  3. Phillipa Says:

    I didn’t know he’d played a doctor, either… though I have recently seen him in an old Sharpe episode and in Moll Flanders. Christina will be asleep in Oz now so will have to wait until later to chat with her!

    Racahel J – fraid FC would have to be added to Kindle TBR pile as paperback out early 2012!

  4. Christina Phillips Says:

    Rach, I do love watching Daniel Craig – he was in one of the Lara Croft movies too, a bit of a bad boy and there was a very nice shower scene with him!!!

  5. Christina Phillips Says:

    Hi Rachel! Not being biased or anything, but Daniel was the best thing in The Invasion!!

  6. Christina Phillips Says:

    Hi Phillipa and congrats again on the release of Fever Cure!

  7. Phillipa Says:

    Um …hello Christina. Isn’t it the middle of the night for you or are your posts coming through late? That’s dedication!

  8. Christina Phillips Says:

    Haha Phillipa, I’m actually just off to bed now!! The hot blanket’s been on for an hour so it will be nice and snuggly 🙂

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