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Christmas is a coming…

December 12, 2012

….and the Writer is getting fat.

Yes it’s that time of year, when I get a stinking cold and can’t face the gym – yet do have the energy to reach for the chocolate mini logs and mince pies and all the other Christmas goodies.

But I don’t really mind because the festive spirit is definitely upon me. I’ve almost finished the shopping, written almost all the cards and the tree is in the pot – if not yet decorated. Now I’m planning Christmas lunch and looking forward to my daughter coming home for the holidays next week.

I’m also writing again. Rest assured There Will Be Books from me in 2013.

This year has ended so much better than it started, both in writing terms and in health terms. I had a minor blip for the first few months but I feel great now, fingers crossed (apart from the cold.) I’ve sold several books, won an award and today, Miranda’s Mount was listed as one of 2012’s Highlights of the Year on the Piatkus website. I couldn’t have dreamed that back in January so I count myself very lucky.

Now, it’s back to the laptop to write up a storm. Good luck with all your festive preparations!

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  1. Debs Says:

    I’m so glad your year is ending well and congratulations on winning the award and for being in the Piatkus 2012 Highlights of the Year. Well deserved.x

  2. Phillipa Says:

    Thanks, Debs – the past 6 months have been a lot of fun. I just know 2013 is going to be HUGE for you… xx

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