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September 29, 2016


October 6th will be the 10th anniversary of me becoming a published author. It’s been a decade with many highs and some lows. Awards, a movie, book launches, best-sellers – and let’s be honest about a writer’s life: rejections, not-so-best-sellers, the odd unpleasant review or comment. There have been a few times that I’ve regretted ever starting the process and occasionally I told myself I was going to stop writing novels and get a proper job.

And yet… even when I tried to stop, I couldn’t because I loved creating my characters and worlds so much. Now, I’m delighted to say I’m a full-time author and having the best writing year of my life. I’ve finally accepted there will be cycles of success and that I can’t stop writing now: it has me in its grip. I am an author.

I’ve made peace with my writing self and I’m very lucky to be enjoying my work more than ever. 🙂

I would never have got here without the support of my family, author friends, my agent and lately, my editorial team at Avon Maze. Most importantly, I’d definitely not have carried on without the fantastic feedback from book bloggers and readers – you!

If you ever think that authors don’t treasure an email, tweet or Facebook message – it’s not true. Your note to them might be the thing that stops them from giving up that day, or for good. So send it, tweet it, post it – now!


To celebrate the past ten years, I’m running a competition on my Facebook page HERE. You could win a signed copy of Decent Exposure and a proof copy of Christmas at the Cornish Cafe.

Thank you,


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  1. Chanpreet Says:

    Congratulations Phillipa! Here’s to the past 10 years and the ones to come! <3

  2. Phillipa Says:

    Thankyou Chanpreet!

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